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Nothing Fancy - European real estate market

The market is characterized by a high level of fragmentation, with a large number of small and medium-sized players.In terms of asset value, the market is dominated by the residential sector, which accounts for around two-thirds of all assets. The market for …


Nothing Fancy - Why it's so hard to buy a home in London

The average London house price reached a record £521,000 in DecemberA lack of properties available to rent means that high prices and rents are expected to continue


Nothing Fancy - Bits

ResidentialWhile the residential sector continues to appeal to the industry due to its defensive fundamentals, investors are aware that housing remains a political hot potato.Elsewhere, logistics retains its lustre as a pandemic winner, while the appealing in…


Nothing Fancy - What is fractional investing?

Fractional investing lets investors buy or sell less than an entire asset at a time. It was introduced to increase access to expensive stocks and it also makes it easier for investors to invest very precise amounts in a company.Fractional investing makes the …


Nothing Fancy - Bits

As long as the Russia/Ukraine war doesn’t last too long, Savills anticipates that the total European real estate investment volumes will reach €300-330 billion this year, 5-10% above the five-year average.Lydia Brissy, Director of European Research at Savills…


Nothing Fancy - My tenant is not paying rent, now what?

Communication is important! If the rent hasn't been paid after several days, start calling or emailing your tenant and ask them kindly to pay their rent. People can be forgetful. It’s entirely possible that they just forgot to pay.In a bad scenario, when call…


How Banks Profit From Mortgages and How You Can Do The Same

To make money and retain or grow their market share, banks need to sell profitable products. Banks sell financial products such as mortgages, loans, savings accounts and credit cards.For banks to make a profit, they loan out money at a higher rate than they p…


The 50% Rule In Property Investing

Don’t like reading? Listen to this issue of Nothing Fancy read by Yiannis.


Should Buy-To-Let Landlords Consider Airbnb?

Don't like reading? Listen to this issue of Nothing Fancy read by Yiannis.


What is stamp duty and why do we have to pay it?

Stamp duty or Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) is a tax you pay to HMRC when you buy a property in England or Northern Ireland.It’s paid by the purchaser and the amount depends on the property price. If the property or land is in Scotland or Wales, stamp duty is ca…


The Magic Of Compound Interest

The idea behind compound interest is essentially reinvesting whatever income is earned from a particular investment. If you invest money that earns interest and then reinvest that interest earned it will increase the principal investment (total invested), thu…


Flipping Houses for profit

Flipping real estate involves buying a property cheaply, fixing or improving it and then selling it for profit as quickly as possible.Bargains can be found at house auctions or perhaps you can get lucky and find a property other people have overlooked.This me…


What are REITs and how do they work?

A Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is a corporation that owns or finances income-producing real estate across a range of property sectors. They operate similarly to a mutual fund, allowing investors to pool their money for the opportunity to benefit from v…


Have a Greener Christmas and Gift Some Property

FoodWe consume 80% more food during Christmas. Per household, we spend an average of over £174 on food for just one day. We bin 230,000 tonnes of uneaten food.Don't get tempted by all of the supermarket offers. Come on now, do you really need that many mince …


Rent Deposits - Are They Good Enough To Cover The Damages?

The maximum tenancy deposit that can be requested is equal to 5 weeks of rent.For example, a property that lets for £1,500 per month would require a deposit of £1,730.77.💡 1500 × 12 ÷ 52 × 5 = 1,730.77


Renting vs Buying, and where Proptee fits in

For years there has been a stigma surrounding renting a house. It's usually seen as the only option if you can't afford to buy one. People think of it as a short-term thing, whilst they save up for a deposit.Whilst ownership of a property may be good, it shou…


Buying a property: 8 months vs 5 minutes

First things first you need to find what's the right investment for you. Commercial or Residential? Are you looking for HMO or private? Do you take a bet on an upcoming location with good transport links or just stay in a big city? There are many boxes you ne…


Metaverse and Digital Real Estate

These are all relevant questions that I have been asking myself way before the "Metaverse" name was cool and trendy.


UK housing crisis and how Proptee can help

Before we dig into the bubbly UK housing market, first we should define what a bubble is.💡 Bubble = price for something that exceeds its fundamental value by a large margin.The bad news is that bubbles are like ex-boyfriends or girlfriends, you can only tell …


Zillow's iBuying Fail

Zillow, an American online real estate marketplace company, is closing down its iBuying business as well as shutting down its Zillow Offers division. Once a pandemic winner, Zillow has lost two-thirds of its value since February and is now trading at its lowe…